Iowa Egg Council State Fair 2012

Do you LIKE eggs? The Iowa Egg Council gives away free hard boiled eggs on a stick at the state fair every year. They really wanted to step-up their state fair presence last year and break their record and give away over 35,000 eggs. We proposed putting up different signage through out the state fair with consistent messaging and characters with a tie in to their facebook page. They almost tripled their goals by giving away 99,504 eggs and only stopped because they ran out of eggs. 2013 Iowa AMA NOVA Second Place Nonprofit Marketing Award 2013 PPAI Silver Pyramid Award Goodwill Programs

Iowa Egg Council State Fair components.
Panel 1 and 2 of 4.
Panel 3 and 4 of 4
State fair collateral including: cooler sign, growth chart, handfan and t-shirts.
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